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If you are attending this year’s Culture Conference in Birmingham (culture-conference.com), we would like to invite you to meet up for a chat and a drink ahead of the conference. Also, if you know anyone who is coming to Birmingham and hasn’t heard about us, feel free to bring them along.

We’ll meet 7pm at a pub near the central train station: the Pitcher and Piano. We’ll talk a little bit about what ideas people have for YSLR in the future – but other than that, we’re are just meeting up for a bit of informal chatting and socialising before the conference.

To build your personal and professional network with other researchers in your field we asked everyone to participate in a short questionary last year. This was generally seen as very useful. So please, do that again (even if you did it last year to have an updated list). That would be great! Follow this link.

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Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, with an interest in cultural evolution theory.


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