About ESLR

The Association of Early-career Social Learning Researchers

We are an academic society with a focus on researchers that are early on in their career. Our primary goal is to support early-career researchers with professional development,  networking, and the exchange of ideas and knowledge on social learning and cultural evolution across disciplines and faculties.

What we do

  • We organise research meetings and workshops on social learning research and relevant techniques
  • We circulate information for early-career scientists: conferences, PhD and job positions, resources
  • We publish Cultured Scene: our society magazine on all things in social learning and being an ECR


Like most societies, this society is run by a committee of volunteer early career researchers. Find out who we are.

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The constitution defines the society by setting out how it is run and governed.

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Code of Conduct

We support an open, welcoming, and harassment-free environment, and here is how we try to achieve this.

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Crucial Guide

If you are an early-career researcher, start here to get information on conferences, funding, workshops, etc.

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