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You want to get involved in the running of the society? This is your chance!

We are looking for a motivated candidate to join the society committee and take over the position of SOCIAL SECRETARY, which has recently become vacant. The Social Secretary is crucially important in facilitating communication between the society and its members as well as for communication outside the society. The tasks of the Social Secretary include:

  1. Support in or organisation of social events before, at, or after conferences or workshops relevant to the Society.
  2. Publicising upcoming conferences or workshops relevant to the society, for example, on the Society’s website, twitter and facebook page.
  3. Monitoring and maintaining social media activity on twitter and facebook, through post of general interests to the community, such as relevant publications, methods and ongoing debates on social learning and early-career related topics.
  4. As part of the outreach activities the Social Secretary is also responsible for drafting the regular mailing list newsletter.
  5. The Social Secretary is furthermore a signatory to the Society’s bank account, which requires the candidate to be a UK-resident (per regulation of the Royal Bank of Scotland)

If you would like to contribute to the Society’s work, engage in the bi-weekly committee meetings, and shape ESLR’s future, you are kindly invited to apply for this position here:

We encourage applications from all ESLR members, who are interested, regardless of career stage, institutional affiliation, or prior engagement with the societyUnfortunately, we are forced to require that applicants are UK-residents and will be for at least 12 months from the start of the position. This is because the Social Secretary will also act as a second signatory for the Society’s bank account, which is UK-based and requires UK-based signatories.

To apply we ask you for two short statements, which will be made available to the Society members to help them make a decision about whom to vote for. These statements can be brief (less than 500 words each), here are some suggestions for topics you might want to address:

  1. A statement of suitability: Why are you applying for the position? What experience do you bring that makes you an ideal candidate for Social Secretary and for member of the Society’s Committee?
  2. A statement of intent: Why should the Society members give you their vote? And once you are elected, what would you like to change or do better?

Additionally, as set out by the Societies Constitution, we require a second ESLR member to second the nomination. If you do not know any other ESLR member, get in contact with one of the Committee members, as they can second your application as well.

We look forward to your application.

The deadline to apply is: 15th December 2018

The election will be held online from 15th-31st December 2018 and results will be announced shortly afterwards. The vote by ESLR members will be final.

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