Bank Account and Membership Payments

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Society bank account and online membership payments

The society has now reached another milestone: we have a bank account. You would not believe how tricky it was to open an account for our not-for-profit organisation with an international committee. Many months later, we can now call an account at the Royal Bank of Scotland our own. Previously, we had to rely on a university bank account. Now, we have a lot more financial freedom and autonomy.

Another addition to our website is the possibility to pay your membership directly on our website. We use a service called Stripe to handle card payments for us. The membership website offers two options, the standard and the generous. Both will gain you a one-year membership to the society, however, the generous option is for all of you who want to support our work even more and who can afford to do so.

But rest assured, we are grateful either way. The age also explains what we are doing with the money. In short, the money covers running costs for the society (such as hosting the website and software for Cultured Scene) and will help us pay for our upcoming events (conferences and workshops).

Thank you for your support!

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