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Hello everyone and welcome to another Update! It is hard to believe but it’s been already two months since our Workshop in Leipzig. We had a great time meeting you all and spending time together in Germany. We hope you liked it too! As is tradition (and part of the Society’s constitution) we also held our annual general meeting at the end of the workshop. This year it was a bit shorter but nevertheless all important points were discussed. If you are interested you can as always find the minutes to the AGM on our website.

Participants of the 2019 ESLR workshop in Leipzig, Germany.

Here is some other news. The summer issue of Cultured Scene is taking shape and we expect to publish it later this month. We hope you’ll enjoy this one. Thanks again to all contributors! ❤️

As part of our Vision 2020– our goals for ESLR over the next 12 months – we want to make ESLR an even stronger community. Additional to the newsletter, the journal, the website, facebook and twitter feed, and the yearly workshop we want you to feel less like an observer but more like an integral part of the society. To achieve this we want to do two things.

First, we want to create a Members’ page with a profile photo, affiliation, contact, and work/interest information about each member. This will be opt-in, so you won’t appear online if you don’t want to. The nice thing about this is that this will not only show the world that you are a member of this society but you might also find interesting colleagues you didn’t even know were members of ESLR.

Second, we have started to map where social learning research is happening. We want to add affiliations of all current members to this map and will add further places in the future. A map like this can give you an idea of the centres of social learning research. Maybe you’ll discover institutions you were not aware of before. Or maybe you think of meeting up with However, it will also allow you to meet up with other ESLR members or peers nearby whilst being at a conference abroad. We hope you like this idea and are looking forward to your feedback.

Mapping where social learning research is happening.

Also, we have begun with the planning of the workshops in 2020. We have a great team of early-career researchers at the Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology in Radolfzell, Germany, who are eager to organise the next event. We will keep you updated as the planning becomes more concrete. 

Finally, we started to reach out to other societies and check out potential satellite symposia which we could organise. The important conferences have either already happened this year or are not yet announced. If you have ideas or have seen a call for symposia let us know!

That’s it for this month. 

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