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We are hard at work putting together a new issue of Cultured Scene. The inaugural issue came out over a year ago (and can be found here).

We hope Cultured Scene will be an interesting read for early-career researchers from a range of disciplines. Our goal for future editions is to focus on highlighting interesting new work in the field of social learning and cultural evolution, through interviews with researchers themselves. We will also feature articles on pop culture, profiles of up-and-coming researchers, and an advice column where questions relevant to early-career researchers will be answered by our very own Agony Aunt (with additional advice gathered from ESLR members and established researchers).

Cultured Scene is produced by ESLR members, for ESLR members. We hope many of you will be interested in not only reading Cultured Scene, but also in writing for it. Writing for Cultured Scene is a great way to get your research out there, through our Pitch to Publication articles, which follow the process of producing a study, from initial idea through to final publication. You could also write about a piece of research that Cultured Scene readers can access as a preprint – this would be a great way to encourage feedback on your work.

But as well as directing readers to your work, writing for Cultured Scene is also an excellent way to practice your non-academic writing. With science communication rightly becoming an ever-more important aspect of being an early-career researcher, we think this is a critical skill to develop, and we hope that in future, Cultured Scene might attract readers outside of traditional academia.

The next issue of Cultured Scene will come out in mid-March, and we hope you will enjoy reading it.

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