YSLR Meeting at 2017’s Culture Conference

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On May 25th and 26th 2017, many social learning and cultural evolution researchers gathered again at the Culture Conference in Birmingham. Aside from inspiring conference contributions under the theme “Innovation in cultural systems”, this was also another chance for YSLR members to meet and chat.

We met on the day before the conference at the Pitcher and Piano. We talked about our current work and future projects, thesis that were just or about to be handed in, and of course what’s next for YSLR. There was support for the idea to have another workshop and potentially a YSLR conference as well.

As both organisers (Elisa Bandini and Eva Reindl) left Birmingham to follow their careers elsewhere, this might have been the last Culture Conference. However, there is a possibility to combine a YSLR conference with a revival of the Culture Conference.

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